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Thermoflow’s comprehensive suite is an Expert System with a vast built-in knowledge base. It helps you to create a new power plant optimized both technically and economically for your own unique situation. It empowers you to take charge, judge your options on their merit, and avoid being steered towards cookie-cutter solutions that may, or may not, be the best for your application.

The system will automatically, and within minutes not days, create for you plant configurations and technical parameters that suit your criteria. For each of your plant options, and for each variation within each option, the system will:

  • Accurately compute thermodynamic performance;
  • automatically create detailed, physical preliminary designs for all significant components and piping;
  • automatically create cost and labor preliminary estimates with detailed breakdowns for your entire project;
  • compute economic results, such as ROI and NPV, based on your energy prices and annual operating profile;
  • provide over a hundred pages of detailed outputs comprising detailed heat balance diagrams, environmental impact, equipment specs, cost breakdowns, and economic performance.


Thermoflow Suite 28 (TFLOW28) released. Some highlights follow.

  • NOVO PRO Version 1.0 is available. NOVO PRO is a new program dedicated to modeling and optimizing renewable energy systems.
  • NOVO PRO allows you to define various combinations of renewable energy sources, energy storage systems, and backup thermal power; then estimates their capital cost, simulates their annual operating cycle, and overall economics.
  • PDE, GT PRO, GT MASTER, and THERMOFLEX include a new feature to create a Fuel Demand Model that encapsulates plant performance and cost into a set of maps used to represent the thermal power plant in a NOVO PRO system model.
  • GT PRO and GT MASTER (together with PEACE) now include an optional battery storage system to provide fast-response power during startup. Including batteries in a model affects estimated plant cost, plant O&M expenditures, and annual plant operating economics.
  • THERMOFLEX/PEACE includes new energy storage icons to model Batteries, Pumped Hydro plants, and User-Defined storage systems. These components provide ability to model time-shifting between power generation and demand by running scenarios in ELINK. The storage models estimate performance, physical size, and all-in owner’s cost.
  • The annual plant performance and economic model, built-into GT PRO and GT MASTER, now also includes detailed plant startup and shutdown curves. Default curve characteristics are put in place by the program based on the particular cycle type, and are fully user-editable, if desired. The number and duration of hot, warm, and cold starts can be estimated by the program, or defined by the user.
  • Gas turbine prices for particular engines were revised based on informal feedback from some OEMs. Labor rates, commodity costs, and prices for ‘Other Equipment’ were revised to reflect inflation.
  • GT TEMPLATE, the tool to define your own gas turbine model based on vendor-supplied data, was improved to enable you to define engine performance in Excel.
  • A new Multi-Point Gas Turbine Tuning feature is available in GT PRO, GT MASTER, and THERMOFLEX. It lets you adjust performance, over a range of ambients and engine load conditions, for any GT in the extensive library, to match updated vendor data.
  • New Multi-Point Model-Assisted User-Defined Performance Methods were added to facilitate fine-tuning of PEACE condenser and cooling tower models used throughout the suite. The new method computes adjustments to the well-proven, built-in, hardware-based Thermoflow performance models to fine-tune the model using vendor-specified performance and associated equipment specs.
  • The gas turbine library used by PDE, GT PRO, GT MASTER, THERMOFLEX, and RE-MASTER was expanded to include new and updated specs. The library now includes more than 700 engines from 18 vendors.
  • The reciprocating engine library used by NOVO PRO, THERMOFLEX, and RECIPRO was expanded. This library now includes over 430 reciprocating genset specs.
  • Solar Photovoltaic Panel library used by NOVO PRO and THERMOFLEX was expanded. It now includes over 130 panels from ten manufacturers.


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