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Version 2019T1 contains new tools for basic and production design and many additions to support users in everyday tasks.

  • New tools to reuse parts of diagrams in other projects, auto-routing of pipe runs and multi-selection of objects in Diagram
  • Follow-up tool of Diagram data and project status and data from eShare integrated to Diagram
  • New spool tool for ultimate pipe production data
  • The topology of equipment layout and compartments in Outfitting Basic Design
  • More visual cues for pipe routing assistance
  • Hull export to scantlings Mars 2000
  • New possibilities for basic design and use of Hiltop module
  • Additions to shell plates development and elongation lists
  • More data is visible – object identifiers for 3D objects in eBrowser and eShare
  • Point clouds in eShare and photographs and notes from the site with markups in eGo



A complete solution for shipyards, design and engineering offices and subcontractors. CADMATIC is the most user-friendly, easy-to-learn, efficient and open software package on the market.

CADMATIC’s digital and intelligent 3D-based design, engineering and information management software solutions are suitable for all kinds of ships and offshore structures.

Data-driven shipbuilding

CADMATIC’s advanced digitalization shortens project lead-times, improves data quality and eases change management. We maximize the automation of data handling from design to construction, production and operation, leading to paperless operations. The 3D model data is also used for scheduling, planning, production, and maintenance.

Unmatched user experience

CADMATIC delivers the best user experience possible. The software was designed by engineers, for engineers, resulting in an intuitive package that empowers you to focus on design, CADMATIC automates and does the rest for you. It is extremely easy to learn: New designers can learn and start working with the software within 2-5 days.

Easily distribute design work

CADMATIC has the best project distribution system on the market. It ensures seamless internet-based and offline sharing of 3D models regardless of location. New design teams from around the world can be added and start working on a design project in minutes.

All design disciplines covered

CADMATIC Marine covers the full range of design disciplines required in ship design: structural, outfitting, piping, electrical, HVAC & ducting, production information and documentation.

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    A real good choice, thanks for all

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