What are the payment methods? 💵

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, LiteCoin, Dash.

How the software is delivered? 📧

Digital shipping through email. We send download links for the setup and crack.

What is the time of the delivery? 🕒

Instant delivery 24/7. Once the payment is done, our automatic system will get your email provided in the purchase details and send the full software immediately.

What is the duration of the software? 📅

Permanent duration. Cracked software. Without any limitations.

Can i install it on another computer / laptop? 🖥️

Yes of course, also you can install it in as many computers you want because the software is already cracked. Full version.

I don’t have Bitcoin, how to pay?

You can get Bitcoin on localbitcoins.com or coinbase.com