PointSense Suite

All-in-One solution for point cloud modeling and analysis across Autodesk® AEC platforms

The suite includes:

PointSense basic/Pro for AutoCAD®
PointSense Building for AutoCAD®
PointSense Heritage for AutoCAD®
PointSense Plant for AutoCAD®
PointSense for Revit®

Powerful Tools for Point Cloud Modeling & Analysis
Accelerate point cloud processing with enhanced scan navigation, geometry extraction tools, intuitive sectioning, Intelligent Smartsnaps and superior deformation analysis visualizations and reporting.

Intelligent Industry Tools
Create industry specific 2D and 3D results from as-built data according to the specific documentation task.Extract 2D plans, 3D building elements, topo features, pipe and steel work, tanks, or generate new BIM Family objects.


FARO® (NASDAQ:FARO), the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement and imaging solutions for factory metrology, construction BIM/CIM, product design, public safety forensics, and 3D solutions, announces the availability of the FARO® PointSense 18.5 software suite This robust software platform evolution delivers seamless integration into the latest 2018 AutoCAD® and Revit® design tools, a better user experience, improved software handling, and enhanced efficiency in processing software data.

Expanded Processing PossibilitiesThe PointSense Suite is a new product bundle of FARO®Technologies popular PointSense Plug-ins for AutoCAD and Revit that significantly accelerates the evaluation of laser scan data. It provides a complete set of powerful point cloud processing tools on one license. Utilizing the PointSense Suite provides service providers a greater amount of deliverable offerings when tasked with 3D documentation for Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) applications.Whether to model and detail BIM elements inside Revit, such as ground surfaces, walls, doors, columns, roofs and stairs or to extract data such as 2D floor plans, pipe runs, steel beams, 3D models or image plans inside AutoCAD, the PointSense Suite allows users to create customized deliverables for any AEC construction application.Receiving all PointSense products in one package redefines productivity and flexibility in processing FARO laser scan data as well as scans captured by 3rd party hardware manufacturers.Benefits`All-in-One solution for processing scan data in the familiar Autodesk environment`More cost-effective compared to buying separate PointSense programs`Extract laser scan data required by various industry standards and specifications by simply switching between software modules`All software platforms are conveniently operable on one master license Plug-ins for AutoCAD® and Autodesk® Revit®The PointSense Suite offers intelligent geometry extraction tools for modeling and analysis for real world QA/QC across Autodesk AEC platforms. Deliverables such as floor plans, BIM models, plant components and image plans can be easily extracted in any Autodesk platform.All-in-One PackageThe PointSense Suite bundles all well known PointSense products for AutoCAD and Revit in one package: PointSense basic and Pro, PointSense Building, PointSense Heritage, PointSense Plant and PointSense for Revit.

The one stop bundle and compatibility across the broad range of Autodesk architecture, engineering, construction and surveying products makes this the most cost effective solution of its kind currently available.

Faro – PS for Revit_Surface analysis-Level of Accuracy according to USIBD Stand…
Seamless Integration and Enhanced User Experience

PointSense 18.5 resets the bar for “ready to go”. It includes the same high value, beneficial use features and functionality with which savvy AutoCAD® and Revit® users are already familiar. The addition of a new, step by step guidance screen assures that even less familiar users can get up to speed quickly and optimize their workflow.
Improved Confidence in Accuracy

PointSense 18.5 for Revit® is the first software platform to incorporate Levels of Accuracy as defined USBID (U.S. Institute of Building Documentation) standards. This enhanced analysis tool enables users to more confidently validate the accuracy of the as-built model compared to the relevant point cloud, i.e. the set of data points acquired by a 3D laser scanner.
Workflow Enhancement

The improvement in scan navigation functionality was driven by direct user feedback, supports greater efficiency and assures that the user is able to get to a result faster than ever before. With just a double click, users can move from one scan perspective to another inside a given point cloud.

“We continue to push forward in our commitment to creating even more value for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction market segments,” states Andreas Gerster, Vice President Global Construction BIM-CIM business unit. “PointSense 18.5, used in combination with 3D laser scanners such as the industry leading FARO Focus3D is a direct reflection of this commitment, as it delivers a powerful new set of easy to use software solutions in a single package. We are both excited and validated about the unique value that PointSense 18.5 delivers not only to AutoCAD® and Revit® users in general, but also as a tightly integrated, high performance bundle for FARO Focus3D Scanner users.”

PointSense 18.5 is available for ordering today.