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PLS-CADD is the industry standard in overhead line design and drafting software. GVH uses PLS-CADD on a transmission or distribution projects from start to end, including importing survey data, criteria development, structure, design, conductor sagging and Plan & Profile drawing development and plotting. It is a line design program that includes all the terrain, sag-tension, loads, clearances and drafting functions necessary for the design of an entire power line.

Advantages & uses of Plscadd software:

  1. Survey data/Terrain modelling: PLS-CADD easily supports to the wide range of technologies used for line surveys including total station instruments, airborne lasers and photogrammetry. It accepts survey data in both the plan and profile coordinate systems.
  2. PLS-CADD has a customizable data import routine that can read a wide range of survey data formats.
  3. In engineering field we do Design criteria, Sag-tension calculations Clearance calculations, Structure calculations, manual spotting and stringing, automatic spotting etc..
  4. PLS-POLE integration with PLS-CADD and overview of TOWER.
  5. Transmission Lines and Distribution Lines.