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BySoft 7 CAD/CAM System

Construct and calculate parts, create cutting plans and bending programs, plan and monitor manufacturing processes: Modern sheet metal manufacturing is no longer imaginable without powerful software like BySoft 7. BySoft 7 offers a comprehensive range of functions and is still easy to operate. This way, you maintain an overview, while completing jobs quickly, affordably, and reliably. BySoft 7 – Make it easy.

Construct parts

BySoft 7 supports your parts construction with powerful 3D-CAD, widely distributed across the world. BySoft 7 provides exactly those tools you need for a specific situation, communicates a clear idea of the immediate status of the model, and is intuitive to use. Thus, you quickly and confidently achieve correct 3D models of the parts to be manufactured.


BySoft 7 automatically ensures that sheet metal, tubes, and profiles are used completely and nests as many parts as technically possible. To do this, BySoft 7 has countless functions, for example, various nesting processes. What’s more, BySoft 7 optimizes your cutting processes and automatically selects each optimal cutting technology.

Creating Bending Programs

With BySoft 7, you can create perfect bending programs. Bending sequence, backgauge position, and tool plan are detected automatically so that the bending process can start more quickly. Furthermore, BySoft 7 simulates the bending sequence and displays possible collisions automatically. This ensures safety, saves even more time and material, and shortens job throughput times

Plan and Monitor Manufacturing Processes

Thanks to BySoft 7, cutting and bending jobs are completed quickly and with little effort, because you maintain an overview of your manufacturing processes and make informed decisions. Thus, you deliver on time and with favorable conditions. Furthermore, BySoft 7 automatically plans, initiates, and monitors part production and offers immediate access to all relevant production and machine data. This is how BySoft 7 guarantees maximum transparency.