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For 30 years NAPA has been providing data-led solutions for safety, efficiency and productivity in both ship design and operations.

NAPA is the trusted design platform for the initial and basic design of any ship type or marine vessel. Our solutions adapt to your design process and help you meet the challenges of today’s shipbuilding business.

NAPA’s ship operation solutions help you to monitor, plan, analyze and optimize safety, stability and performance for any vessel or fleet. We combine powerful analytical and big data tools with easy to use record-keeping and data management software to ensure that all the information you need for safe, efficient operations is at your fingertips.


Geometry Modeling in NAPA Designer

Multiple Views

NAPA Designer 2020.2 enables the use of multiple views for geometry modeling. The views can be divided either vertically or horizontally by the user. The multiple views can be used with any geometry, such as structures with NAPA Steel or compartments, and are especially advantageous when modeling the hull surface.


NAPA Designer has been amended to support also reference surface arrangements, which can group any kind of planes, surfaces and surface objects together, and can be applied, for example, in the compartment modeling. NAPA Designer can also manage several different types of arrangements at the same time. This is beneficial in instances such as when exporting the compartment and structure geometry simultaneously to another software.

NAPA Designer 2020.2 Arrangements

Arrangements in NAPA Designer

Hull Form and Compartment Modeling

Many significant improvements have been made to the surface and compartment modeling in NAPA Designer. For example, the additional dialogues, to affect curve and surface parameters, mean that it’s now easier to control the curve shapes and definitions, and surface orientations. The compartment parameters can be managed directly in NAPA Designer with the table editor. The compartment visualization opacity can be controlled, for example, when comparing the compartment and structure geometry.

Hydrostatic and Stability Calculations

Intact Stability Code Amendments

A new Intact Stability Check Manager application has been introduced to verify the rule compliance of loading conditions and produce the operational limit curves (minimum GM and maximum KG). The application also supports the latest amendments to the Intact Stability Code, related to the rule compliance checks for anchor handling, towing and lifting operations according to the MSC.415(97) resolution. The following video clip introduces the application.

SOLAS 2020

NAPA PROB Manager and Statutory Compliance Manager applications have been amended to support the latest SOLAS II-1 amendments. The PROB Manager application previously supported the amendments to an extent in former NAPA versions. The amendments mean that support for Regulation 12 has been added together with some important improvements, regarding the output and calculation options. The Statutory Compliance Manager application for cargo vessels now supports the intermediate stage calculation for vessels equipped with cross-flooding devices and the renewed trim handling in accordance with the SOLAS II-1 amendments.

More information on hydrostatic and stability calculations can be found in NAPA Release Notes 2020.2.

Structural Design with NAPA Steel

Structural Modeling

A range of structural modelling improvements have been made to NAPA Designer to increase productivity and enhance the efficiency of inputting details in the model. The new features include the new bracket tools for defining stiffeners on brackets and intuitive definition of inserting plates on structures amongst other functionalities. The improved handling of the persistence of structures will help survival in the accidental or unintentional failures of surface geometry.

NAPA Steel Create Stiffeners

Improved Create Stiffeners dialog

NAPA Steel Create Insert Plates

Create Insert Plates dialog

NAPA Steel stiffeners on brackets

Stiffeners defined on brackets


FEM meshing in NAPA Designer comes with many new tools and features for creating good quality mesh refinements. Among the features, is the smoothing algorithm, which improves the mesh quality especially at the free boundaries of mesh. The same target is in the improvements of creating well-structured mesh layers on the boundaries of openings. The new automatic and semiautomatic features are supported and completed by the advanced interactive tools such as FEM traces at stiffener and bracket surface meshes.

The following video clip highlights the latest FEM development.

OCX Interface

The neutral OCX (Open Class 3D Exchange) export functionalities have been improved to support a full export of the NAPA Steel structure model. The OCX files, originally exported from NAPA Designer or from other CAD systems, can be also imported to NAPA Designer. The OCX import functionality supports the import of geometry, panel, plate, opening/hole and stiffener data. The import will create directly a NAPA Steel structure arrangement in which all structure types are automatically mapped to NAPA structure types, according to the OCX catalog.

NAPA Designer OCX Export

NAPA model (left), exported in the OCX format and visualized in DNVGL Nauticus Hull (right)

NAPA Viewer

A new application, NAPA Viewer, has been published as a beta version. The application is intended to share the NAPA model geometry with a larger group of stakeholders, including the ones without having access to NAPA software otherwise. NAPA Viewer works directly on a web browser and can be accessed with any device. You can preview NAPA Viewer in the following video clip.

Drawings with NAPA Drafting

NAPA Drafting has more efficient options for creating structural detail views, directly from a 3D model. The new options make it possible to obtain more detailed drawings without overloading drawings with too much data, whilst maintaining efficient updates for the drawings. Our experts have also made significant improvements to structural details, compartments, and surfaces, which will increase the efficiency and quality for users when working with NAPA Drafting.