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Post-processing, Simulation and Optimization
for all your CNC machines and controllers.
Create Optimized & Verified G-Code Quickly & Easily with
ICAM’s Lineup of NC Software Solutions

Leading multi-CAM post-processors with advanced look ahead & powerful macros.

G-Code Simulation
Easily identify & resolve collisions & over-travel with integrated post-processing & machine simulation.

Optimization Tools
Automatically create optimized & safe rapid position motions for any machine kinematics.


  • Reduce CAM Programming Time
  • Shorten your CNC Machining Time
  • Benefit from Manufacturing Agility
  • CAD/CAM System Freedom
  • Unparalleled Scalability


Migrate Your NC Code to Varied Machines with SmartPATH®

Rather than spend costly time to develop and verify positioning paths using trial and error, our patented SmartPATH® technology automatically finds the optimal path to move the tool quickly and safely from one position to another, respecting the specific machine kinematics, travel and size limits. This enables NC programmers to move part programs quickly and efficiently by simply re-post-processing the original CAM program if shop conditions require that the manufacturing program be moved to a different machine.

Reduce Manufacturing Time By Eliminating Air-Cuts with SmartCUT™

By using material removal simulation to detect when the tool is not engaged with the material and moving at a cutting feed, SmartCUT™ eliminates time-wasting air-cuts. Where feasible, it changes these air-cut motions to RAPID or high-feed; thereby significantly reducing machining cycle time.

Adjust CNC Feed Rate Automatically with SmartFEED™

SmartFEED™ optimizes cutting feed-rates by using material removal simulation to automatically recalculate the best machining feed-rate based on the machine tool capabilities, tool reference cuts, and the real-time engagement of the cutting tool in the in-process stock material.

Material Removal

Virtual Machine® supports superior material removal capabilities for in-process stock collision and gouge detection. This functionality allows NC programmers to compare the processed stock model to the original CAD/CAM design. Virtual Machine® computes in-process stock geometry to identify and display gouges, excess material, inaccessible areas and rapid-motion collisions during the post-processing and verification phase.

Hybrid Manufacturing

Ability to now simulates pure additive or hybrid additive machines within ICAM’s machine simulator, Virtual Machine™. New linearization mode has also been developed to reduce or avoid excess material deposits caused by momentary pauses in tool motions.

Arc Fitting

The average cut method will produce slightly flatter arcs than the overcut method. In either case, arcs will never deviate by more than the allowable tolerance from the original point-to-point motions (P1, P2, P3) being replaced.

Both the starting and ending points of the circle are always points, which exist in the CL file.

Benefits of Arc fitting as compared to Linear Interpolation

  • Shorter NC tape files: Arc fitting can reduce NC tape files to as little as one-tenth the size of files generated using Linear Interpolation.
  • Smoother, more accurate tool paths: Fitting arcs to the tool path will eliminate almost all the chordal deviation caused by the straight-line approximation of the original surface, resulting in smoother, more accurate tool paths.
  • Higher feed-rates: Larger interpolation blocks allow users to increase feed-rates while virtually eliminating data starvation and stutter step.
  • Compatible with all major CAD / CAM / PLM systems: CAM-POST Arc fitting is a CAD / CAM system independent solution that can be configured for multiple CAD / CAM / PLM systems.

CAM-POST Tangential Arc Fitting

CAM-POST Tangential Arc fitting module improves part finish, significantly reduces tape size and prolongs machine tool life. Arc fitting enables users to increase the feed-rate of NC machines and improve cutting accuracy by replacing point-to-point tool paths with arcs. Since one arc represents curved surfaces more accurately than many linear points, arc fitting reduces NC tape file length by up to 90% while improving overall machining tolerances.

Tangential arc fitting takes this process a step further by ensuring that the arcs fit together so tightly that the NC machine “sees” one continuous tool path resulting precisely machined parts. Smoother tool paths also helps to extend the life of NC machines and cutting tools.

Benefits of Tangential Arc fitting as compared to standard Arc Fitting

  • Greater machining accuracy: Tangential arc fitting provides a better “fit” between arcs for smoother tool paths.
  • Extends NC machine tool life: Smoother tool paths put less strain on machine tools resulting in extended tool life.

Virtual Machine®

Virtual Machine® enables NC programmers to graphically simulate and test programs, easily & automatically, against collisions and over-travels. Virtual Machine® allows NC programmers to avoid and correct possible programming errors that may have resulted in costly machine tool collisions and defective parts. Virtual Machine® can also be seamlessly combined with CAM-POST®, providing Graphic Post-Processing™ – machine simulation during the post-processing phase. Additionally, Virtual Machine® can simulate G-code by implementing ICAM’s Control Emulator™ verification software.

CAM-POST High Speed Machining Module

Increases production productivity and efficiency

Implementing ICAM’s CAM-POST High Speed Machining (HSM) module significantly increases productivity from currently installed CNC machines while preserving expensive CNC controller investments.

CNC controller retrofitting or replacement is not required

CAM-POST HSM allows NC programmers to exploit the benefits of high speed feed-rate control on machines that are not equipped with HSM without expensive CNC controller retrofitting or replacement. Users must simply input control parameters and / or overshoot tables (further details provided below) and CAM-POST HSM will automatically emulate advanced HSM functions.

Provides a competitive advantage

CAM-POST HSM utilizes the same “look-ahead” algorithms to control feed-rate that are incorporated in CNC machine controllers supporting HSM. Subsequently, CAM-POST HSM provides manufacturers with competitive advantages associated with high speed machining applications such as increased product quality, reduced production cost and shortened cycle-time.

Supports all CNC controllers

CAM-POST HSM supports controllers that offer HSM functions as well. All HSM control specifications are captured within CAM-POST QUEST HSM section. Subsequently, CAM-POST generates machine code data supporting specific HSM control functions and calculates the average tool velocity and machining time based on the information provided.

What is the AUTOPOST?

  • The AUTOPOST is accessible from the GENER launch panel only.
  • The AUTOPOST has the same database functionnalities as the “DB Manager” but also allow the use of the PP wizards.
  • The AUTOPOST allow to create or modify PP from the GENER launch panel by making use of the new post wizard and modification wizard (the same as in QUEST).
  • The AUTOPOST can also allow dedicated post restricted modification.