Schlumberger Petrel is a product of Schlumberger’s integrated software for studying and solving all underground challenges including interpretation of seismic information and reservoir simulation. The software provides an integrated process for the development and monitoring of static and dynamic repository models, thereby eliminating all communication problems between different software for the development and separation of these models and avoiding mismatches of input data at each stage or Prevents them from being lost when exchanging data when using different software.

Features of Schlumberger Petrel Software

  • All the tools needed from Seismic Interpretation to Repository Simulation are integrated into one integrated software that eliminates all the problems of import / export data between software.
  • Very powerful 3D display data capability
  • Ability to update very quickly when new data is entered to make decisions faster and more secure
  • Ability to copy / paste results and data into any Windows application for easy and fast reporting
  • User friendly graphical interface with undo / redo capability and model history storage for easier use and learning


Petrel and Studio 2019

The 2019.1 release of the Petrel E&P software platform and the Studio E&P knowledge platform continues to deliver collaborative workflows with the best-in-class technology and leading innovation. The seamless integration of the subsurface domains of geology, geophysics, petrophysics, reservoir and production engineering, and drilling provides a single shared earth workspace. This release focuses on usability—improving your everyday experience in the Petrel platform so you can focus on the interpretation, analysis, and simulation of your data to make better decisions.

Upgrade with ease

The Petrel platform delivers significant new functionalities with minimal changes to the base code. You can now run Petrel 2019 from Studio 2018 repositories and access Ocean software development framework plug-ins faster. An easy upgrade path from Petrel 2017 to Petrel 2019 makes upgrading easier than ever.

Accelerate your workflows

The Petrel platform is now more performant than ever, delivering

  • 9 times faster data management
  • 1.5 times faster data transfer
  • 3 times fewer clicks for seismic interpretation workflows
  • 5 times faster property calculator and statistics computation.

Analyze your data your way

Studio 2019 offers you a new and simple way to view repository statistics, content, and more through the Petrel platform web server. Now you can extract information from the web server and import it into business intelligence platforms to visualize, analyze, and manage your data however you want.

Personalize your experience

Make the Petrel platform your own by customizing the ribbon and tool palettes through profiles which can be copied and shared across your organization. A tailored user experience means you spend less time searching for tools and processes and more time focusing on domain science and analyzing your data.

Enhance everyday interpretation

Petrel 2019 delivers key geological interpretation usability enhancements in data interpretation, interaction, and visualization. The platform is now more flexible with new tools for discrete well log interpretation, reservoir geosteering, inversion of ghost curves and well top correlation in the interpretation and intersection windows. In the 3D window, instant plane alignment and rotation lock streamline seismic reconnaissance and interpretation workflows.

Improve seismic well tie analysis

Gain a full understanding of depth-depth shifts between well and seismic data with the depth synthetic workflow in the Petrel platform. Key enhancements in seismic data conditioning, seismic well tie extractions, and multiple seismic reference datums give you more control over the analysis and increased confidence in your results.

Efficiently evaluate geological uncertainty

Save your property modeling input parameters as separate objects to reuse, share, and include in workflows to evaluate the impact of multiple alternative geological scenarios on your volumetric estimates. Multithreading of property calculator and statistics calculations makes these functions up to five times faster, enabling you to carry out more runs in the same time.

Increase reservoir fidelity

Petrel Reservoir Engineering now enables the simulation of dual porosity and dual permeability representations of fractured reservoirs in Depogrid models, enabling you to gain a greater understanding of reservoir behavior. You can also import, interpret, and analyze repeat formation testing (RFT) and production logging tool (PLT) results to improve your history match and understanding of well flow behavior in the wellbore.

Develop superior enhanced oil recovery (EOR) scenarios

To support your EOR workflows, chemical agents such as polymer and surfactant can now be modeled and incorporated into uncertainty and optimization workflows using the INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator. This enables you to design a wider variety of EOR scenarios and complete the full workflow from the laboratory to the field to capture the complexities of rock fluid physics.

Access the Petrel and Studio platforms in the DELFI environment

Petrel and Studio 2019 are available in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment as part of the Petrotechnical Suite. Advantages include

  • instant access to the latest software via a personalized workspace
  • cloud-enabled high-performance computing to optimize workflow execution
  • greater collaboration through instant and seamless sharing of data and projects between teams in different locations
  • enhanced science through the power of analytics, cognitive science, and automation.