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Anyone working with ZEISS portal measuring machines knows the ZEISS CALYPSO measuring software well. More than 20 years of experience in measurement technology have already flowed into ZEISS CALYPSO. It facilitates the daily work of metrologists around the globe. ZEISS is up to date with technological advances in terms of design, production and quality assurance. These factors are the motivation for constantly improving ZEISS CALYPSO to match the changing needs and requirements of users. The latest changes in the 2020 software version are all about productivity and thus ensure a better workflow.


“The pressure for efficiency is increasing – especially due to digital transformation and global competition,” emphasizes Ana Carolina Mayr Adam, Product Management Metrology Application Software at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions. “Companies can increase their productivity above all through automation – ZEISS CALYPSO makes a significant contribution to this.”

All new functions and further developments ensure a significant increase in measuring and testing performance, such as the following three innovations:

lcd display

Six times faster thanks to optimized optical measurement

On the ZEISS O-INSPECT multi-sensor measuring machine, the camera function “SnapPos” in combination with the new method for pattern generation from CAD data ensures time savings of up to 80 percent in terms of both programming and measuring time. For a workpiece with around 1,000 measuring elements, such as a printed circuit board, this means that twelve hours of programming are reduced to two hours and the measurement itself takes five minutes instead of 30.

Thanks to “SnapPos”, the camera measures several elements without moving in between – the actual number depends on their size and the camera setting. The pattern generation in ZEISS CALYPSO, which is now even simpler, also ensures a better and faster workflow, as many programming steps now take place automatically.

ZEISS CALYPSO Strategy Editor

Automation reduces time overhead

For several years now, users have been able to create measurement plans in ZEISS CALYPSO using Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) stored in the CAD model. The software is able to interpret the PMI and automatically generate characteristics and measuring elements. This alone saves a lot of time, which is further increased with the Variable Strategy Editor. This is because the software applies the defined measuring strategies to the element that has just been created – and the appropriate measurement plan is created with just a few clicks.

In order to ensure the comparability of measurement results and ultimately improve overall efficiency, ZEISS CALYPSO now allows measurement strategies to be easily defined centrally and then rolled out in different plants. The principle of ZEISS Cookbooks was integrated into ZEISS CALYPSO using the Variable Strategy Editor. Thanks to the cookbook “recipes”, which specify the “ingredients”, measurement results become truly comparable.

ZEISS Calypso: Search function

Achieve your goal faster with a convenient search function

Measurement plans often contain a large amount of different information such as measuring elements or coordinate systems. Searching for this information has so far involved a great deal of effort. ZEISS CALYPSO 2020 makes life much easier for users here: the search function within the software has been both expanded and simplified – for less programming overhead. Input fields in several places on the ZEISS CALYPSO interface provide measuring technicians with uncomplicated access to the search function and allow them to find reference systems, test characteristics or measuring elements by name, for example, and use them easily when creating test plans.

The software developers have also made improvements in CAD programming: measuring elements such as circles or contours can be extracted even more quickly than before directly from the CAD model with just a few clicks.