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PC-DMIS metrology software enables dimensional measurement data to flow through your organisation, because quality is the grounding truth for design and manufacturing.

Supporting systems from coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to portable measuring arms and laser trackers, PC-DMIS is a measurement software solution for metrology professionals and shop-floor operators alike.

Trusted by thousands of business worldwide for their diverse measurement needs, PC-DMIS is the world’s leading metrology software. PC-DMIS enables you create measurement routines, execute them on the shop floor and collaborate to make decisions based on the results.

Featuring highly-sophisticated measurement algorithms, PC-DMIS is the smart choice with industry-leading expertise and technical capability built-in. The powerful yet flexible PC-DMIS metrology software works with both Hexagon and third-party measurement systems, giving you a unified user experience across all your measurement operations, decreasing training costs and allowing better resource management. Plus, its modular design enables you to scale your installation as your metrology needs grow.

The flexibility of PC-DMIS extends to a variety of sensor technologies, from tactile probes through to laser, white-light and vision systems.


PC-DMIS 2020 R1

Measure more efficiently with the latest version of PC-DMIS


PC-DMIS 2020 R1 is the latest release of Hexagon’s world-leading dimensional measurement software package for a multitude of metrology equipment types, from coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to portable arms and scanners

PC-DMIS 2020 R1

The latest version of PC-DMIS continues to lead the way in revolutionising measurement. In this latest release, we have focused on delivering a number of features for users of portable arms and scanners, giving increased flexibility, performance and usability. Operators can now scan faster and smarter.

User experience and capability improvements for portable arm and scanning measurements include:

  • Guided Portable Execution – PC-DMIS will now guide the user through the measurement process, highlighting the measurement points with red dots, turning them green when the point is captured. The product graphic will scale and rotate automatically to give the best view.

  • MSE User Defined Feature Widget Parameters – The user now has the flexibility to define their own parameters in the MSE feature widget prior to measurement, steamlining the process and saving time.
  • Grid Mesh – The portable arm operator can now easily see areas which require more scan coverage by showing the point cloud data as a mesh display. The data can be reduced and stitched before the final mesh is created. The user can now select a pre-defined profile with one click from the portable scanning widget toolbar.
  • Point Cloud Noise Reduction Filter – This new feature offers the operator the control to add a noise filter and adjust the level of the filter using a sliding bar. It automatically removes the points that outlie the global cloud, saving time and effort of deleting them manually.
  • Point Cloud Laser Feature Extraction – Laser features can be quickly created and measured without any further operator interaction. The measured feature is now automatically extracted if a point cloud exists and it is aligned to the CAD model.
  • Laser scan profiles – This offers a one click method to apply a set of real-time pre-configured laser scan settings. This saves the operator from having to manually change settings when scanning different types of parts.
  • Laser 3D auto feature settings – This is a small tweak to make the operator’s life a little easier by reducing the need to edit laser auto features during or after measurement creation.

PC-DMIS is a highly flexible and widely-adopted metrology software. It comes as standard on all Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division’s measurement devices. It is also available as a retrofit package for most other measurement equipment manufacturers’ machines, allowing users of non-Hexagon equipment to take advantage of PC-DMIS technology.