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CMM-Manager is by far the most value-for-money multi-sensor inspection software that runs on nearly all manual, CNC and portable CMMs. Users accomplish more in less time with CMM-Manager, by automating serial inspection or by easily measuring a few features on the spot.

It is a task-oriented, highly intuitive software featuring quick walk-in measurement, one-click CAD measure, collision-free CAD teach, virtual simulation, real-time verification, CAD and datum alignment, and many more smart functions. CMM-Manager’s Windows graphical user interface makes the software even more informative and interactive.


Improved Large 3D CAD Performance

  • Multi-Threading for 20x faster CAD import
  • Faster Auto-Normal, Best-Fitting & CAD Editor
  • Faster Open & Save Projects containing CAD

3D Graphics Rendering Performance

  • Faster & Smoother display of large CAD
  • Less CPU demand due to GPU rendering
  • Updated OpenGL rendering
  • Vertex Buffer Objects (VBOs)

Added ISO 1101:2017 GD&T

  • User setting for ISO or ASME GD&T
  • Parallelism, Perpendicularity, Angularity, Symmetry, Concentricity, Runout, Position & Profile

Vision System Updates

  • New CAD-teach Vision Edge Point
  • DCC Re-measure for faster joystick programming
  • Save composite image output after Image Stitching
  • Set Runtime images as Graphical Report background
  • New Max Focus Point image tool
  • VBScript variable from Light Value Tool
  • Manual Optical License for Measuring Microscopes and Optical Comparators

Robot / PLC / Automation

  • Error reporting & recovery allows improved unattended operation