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Micromine 2020

Micromine 2020 focuses on usability and additional functionality across the mining value chain to increase productivity and cost efficiencies, adding more value than ever to our clients.

  • Development of a new Stope Optimisation tool in Micromine for underground mine design and planning
  • Upgrades to existing Implicit Modelling functionality and the addition of new Implicit Modelling tools for Geological Modelling
  • Significant upgrades and new functionality to the existing Micromine Scheduler for Mining Engineers
  • Multiple new statistical chart and analysis functionality for Geologists
  • Significant enhancements to the Ring Design Tool for Underground Engineers
  • Simplification of the user interface for greater clarity and usability


Key New Features

  • Generates best possible stope outlines that satisfy design and economic parameters
  • Generates optimum digline for open-pit bench to suit minimum mining width
  • Determines maximum possible profit for underground mining operation
  • Full support for standard long-term planning methodology with provision for mining, processing and sales rates, startup costs, capital injections and discounted cash flow analysis to assist in optimizing size of operation based on net present value
  • Suitable for all planning horizons
  • Seamless integration with Micromine, with full support from new Expression Editor and unit conversion facilities


  • Built-in material flow model with support for material bins
  • Material bins defined using simple filters or complex expressions
  • Optimisation values for blocks calculated externally and preassigned to blocks, or derived from built-in material flow model
  • Support for zones defined by polygons/wireframes to which stopes should be confined, or from which they should be excluded
  • Support for multiple regions with different design parameters
  • Accepts sizes and orientations of minimum stopes, and minimum pillar width
  • Minimum stope sizes can be overlapped to form larger mining areas that satisfy minimum mineable shape
  • Stopes can be constrained to planes, digital terrain models and centerline strings – with option to anchor planes and digital terrain models to reference point and replicate at regular elevation intervals
  • Uses integrated mathematical programming solver to determine optimum solution
  • Exports stope wireframes and/or coordinates of blocks comprising optimum solution
  • Full suite of reports to facilitate post-processing and analysis of all input parameters, block processing outcomes and generated stopes
  • Reports can be customised, summarised and have unit conversions applied using new Report Generator, and are suitable for use with pivot tables and other post-processing in Microsoft Excel and Business Intelligence software
  • Fully compatible with Micromine Pit Optimiser, including many common form sets. Since both share same concepts and work flow, if you can use one, you can use both

Key New Features

  • Implicit Modelling makes domain modelling 100x faster than manual sectional modelling
  • Its repeatable, using the same data and parameters will generate the same model
  • It is easy to rerun when new data becomes available
  • Integrated with our standard wireframing tools so models can be manipulated after creation allowing for more complex models to be generated


  • Can model veins and dykes
  • Can model surfaces such as contacts and faults
  • Can model intrusive shapes
  • Can model grade values
  • Can utilise complex trend models to better define the model