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The simulation of power systems transients has never been so easy!

EMTP is the most complete and technically advanced software for simulation and analysis of power systems.

  • EMTP is the reference for the simulation of electromagnetic and electromechanical transients. It is known to be the fastest, the most accurate and the most numerically stable time-domain software in the industry.
  • Control systems and protections can be modelled in detail using the complete libraries of components.
  • EMTP has a powerful unbalanced multi-phase load-flow capable of solving very large scale transmission and distribution grids, cases with more than 300 000 buses can be solved.
  • EMTP has the most user-friendly graphical interface and load-flow, steady-state and time-domain simulations using the same grid data and within the same environment.
  • EMTP is completely scriptable. EVERYTHING that can be done by hand can be automated by scripts!
  • EMTP uses dynamic memory allocation and can simulate arbitrary topology networks without any user intervention: what you draw is what you simulate!


New Line/Cable data module

  • New module for calculation of line and cable parameters based on the MoM-SO method. This tool results from a major development effort by EMTPĀ® team, and a direct collaboration with Prof. Piero Triverio and his research associate Utkarshr Patel from University of Toronto.
  • Major new EMTPĀ® module capable of achieving highest accuracy levels for a very large band of frequencies.
  • The module is generic and capable of representing cables underground and above ground, overhead lines and overhead lines coupled with cables. A multi-layer soil option is available.
  • The module accounts for proximity effect, stranded conductor and earth return.
  • Unique contribution to the simulation of electromagnetic transients.


new line cable data module

New Power Electronics Toolbox

  • Various building components.
  • New AC-DC converter with control.
  • New Statcom model.
  • New DC-DC AVM converter.
  • New examples with Toolbox models.

New Power Electronics Toolbox

Renewables Toolbox Updates

  • Upgrades to PV and WTG models.
    • Better initialization.
    • Various improvements (generic models).
    • PV cell.
  • New Battery model.
  • Improvement of convergence criteria for Input Impedance TD device.
  • New example of PV converter with MPPT and battery.
  • New charge/discharge battery example.