Print&Cut software package built for Industrial Printing applications

  • Unifies workflow from prepress to print & cut tasks
  • Ensures reliable color reproduction
  • Automates tasks
  • Increases your performance

Incorporates the key features of all Caldera’s RIP packages, including:

  • Nest-O-Matik™
  • Step & Repeat
  • SuperSpooler
  • Tiling+
  • Includes flatbed cutting capabilities
  • Also includes SignMark to add eyelet, stitch or fold marks on your tiled output and make finishing a breeze.

Suitable for medium to high production for multiple-device grand format environments.


Ruby enhanced the Epson and Canon film printing experience…

Ruby replaces and enhances the previous Black Pearl version. Here are the highlights you’ll appreciate in Ruby. Click More Features below for details on these listed features plus additional ones not listed. Enjoy enhanced accuracy, auto maintenance, faster navigation and more…

Automatically calibrates the print head with every pass through constant calibration, resulting in higher print quality every time for Canon and Epson Ruby users.

Prevent clogs, maintain and clean print heads directly within Ruby. Stop searching for hidden printer utilities. Finally one easy to access location. Canon Pixma Pro-100, Epson 1430, and Epson P400 desktop model users easily schedule auto maintenance routines and print head cleaning.

Updated All Black Ink Feature License designed to save you money on essential supplies.
AccuRIP Ruby™ and Dmax Ink™ deliver UV light blocking films

Appreciate the ease and reliability of AccuRIP Ruby CP (Canon) or EP (Epson) driver-based printing. CP sold in a bundle with Freehand’s Dmax Black Ink (8-tank refillable system) for the sturdy and affordable Canon Pixma Pro-100 (desktop 13 x 19). No resetter needed. The printer is available through Canon resellers. EP sold outside of a bundle.

An easier workflow with dramatic ink cost savings thanks to Freehand engineering!
Ruby™ plus Dmax™ equals success!

easy and effective controls to achieve UV light blocking films for top-quality screen exposure
natural Corel and Adobe workflows to produce black films (solid areas, tints and gradients/blends) from full color images
dense and sharp-edged solid separations you can count on
quality halftone production – what the printer drivers in Canon and Epson don’t have the ability to do
full control over halftone shape and frequency size
exclusive Droplet Weight control to quickly dial in perfect film results

All Black Ink is the software feature, Dmax is the ink

Freehand invented the ability to print from all (or any combo) of slots in a printer, and formulated black dye to achieve UV light blocking films. AccuRIP Ruby CP (Canon) is bundled with a refillable ink kit with Freehand’s Dmax Ink. You’ll appreciate that the Canon Pixma Pro-100 works differently than Epson – allowing you to continue to print films when one or more tanks have run out of ink. Although we know you’ll keep Dmax on hand, it’s great to know Canon and Freehand have designed the way to keep you producing films just in case.

AccuRIP Ruby EP (Epson) has a software trial and an All Black Ink™ Feature trial. A purchase includes a free full year use of the Feature. Simply make an eligible Freehand product or software purchase and the next year renewal is yours FREE.

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