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cncKad offers a full range of CAD/CAM capabilities for CNC punch, laser, plasma, flame, water, shear, coil, busbar, and combination machines, including support for sorting and stacking devices attached to your machine. Advanced technology combines design, automatic and manual processing, automatic and manual nesting, efficient NC generation, graphic simulation, and machine communication (DNC).



cncKad is the only system that integrates CAD/CAM capabilities in the same module. Geometry, dimensions, and technology (punching/cutting) are completely associative; when you modify the geometry, cncKad automatically updates the dimensions and punching or cutting definitions.

More than 1300 different machine models from over 160 manufacturers have been driven by cncKad to date, and more are added as needed. This powerful solution also ports parts from one technology or machine type to another, such as from punch to laser.

cncKad, with a modular and responsive ribbon interface, features these advanced technologies:

  • Drafting
  • Importing file types including DXF and DWG
  • Tooling
  • Nesting
  • Part handling
  • Material based cutting tables
  • Common line cutting
  • WireJoint and MicroJoint positioning
  • Tool path optimization
  • Estimation data
  • Tube cutting, simulated in 3D
  • Support for laser/ plasma/ punch/ shear/ coil/ busbar/ water/ combination machine types

  • Drafting

    Using cncKad‘s extensive and powerful CAD commands, quickly and easily design components, or edit imported projects from customer systems.

  • Punching

    cncKad punching creates programs for your punch machine from CAD files and designs.

  • Cutting

    cncKad cutting creates programs for your cutting machine from CAD files and designs.

  • Generating NC

    cncKad creates efficient NC programs, taking machine capabilities and limitations into consideration.

  • Simulating

    Step-by-step, cncKad’s simulation displays the generated NC code, graphically showing the results of each operation.

  • Milling

    cncKad supports 2D milling for forming pockets and shaped contours.

  • Drilling

    cncKad supports drilling machines and combination machines with an extra drilling head.

  • Busbar

    cncKad provides full manual and automatic support for busbar parts.

  • Tube Cutting

    cncKad‘s easy-to-use tube cutting module offers fast and simple programming for CNC tube cutting machines.

  • DNC

    The DNC program offers up/download communication with the machine controller for remote batch loading and NC file extraction.

  • Reports

    Metalix offers detailed cncKad reports using a variety of production report templates