AccuRIP™ Emerald
screen printing software and solutions

AccuRIP™ Emerald is our most powerful, user friendly and intelligent version of screen printing software yet.

Reimagined and redesigned. AccuRIP Emerald expands printer brand, model and type options for screen printers that desire user-friendly software for quality film production.

AccuRIP™ Emerald is a powerful, user friendly software for screen printing . Reimagined and redesigned. AccuRIP Emerald expands printer brand, model and type options for screen printers that desire user-friendly software for quality film production.

AccuRIP Emerald screen printing software shines with a pixel perfect Print Proof preview. Never again worry or wonder what is coming out of your printer. With Print Proof you’ll know before you click the print button. See every film “exactly” as it will print. Print Proof displays a high resolution proof exactly as it will be printed or saved to a file.


AccuRIP Emerald Screen Printing Software:

Reimagined and Redesigned

Our newest software AccuRIP™ Emerald is totally reimagined, delivering streamlined workflows and business options including a pixel perfect Proof Positive Print Proof! Supporting a HUGE range of printer models, the Screen Print industry now has the flexibility it needs to be competitively productive.

Fully redeveloped to be compatible with Apple’s NEW OS direction and M1 chip. Multithreaded AccuRIP™ Emerald will process files even faster than before on Windows OS, too.

Our easiest to operate version yet! Now with a single powerful MONO vs ABI toggle switch controlling ink flow is easier than ever.

Help is everywhere. Under every tab in the software as well as the support menu you are just a click away from expert assistance.

When it comes to business software AccuRIP Emerald out shines all other competitive workflows. Simple to install, easy to operate, this is the best business software for a busy print shop.

Freehand and you, together we got this.

AccuRIP Emerald: Gem vs Brilliant

Both Gem and Brilliant deliver all the benefits of cloud based total control, multiple installs, unlimited support and all the production power you expect from a Freehand software.

Gem is best for users that do not update their computer OS often and like software to remain “as is” for years.

Brilliant is a great plan for the more progressive user that moves forward fast with technology expecting total compatibility. This plan delivers everything Freehand has to offer as it becomes available. Worry free. NEW features, abilities, tools, updates, and upgrades are FREE for 6 years.

With either plan you get the best software and experience in the screen print industry supported by Freehand’s 5 decades of expert screen print and computer knowledge from our dedicated and trained staff. At Freehand we wish you great success and work hard each day to ensure that success. Together we got this.


AccuRIP Emerald Features & Support:

  • Pixel Perfect Proof Positive Preview.
  • Save separations to a DCS2.eps file.
  • Single Universal Emerald RIP print driver.
  • N-Up(nesting) saves film.
  • ABI Dmax™ black dye ink printing supported for select models.
  • Tab based user interface delivers fast feature access.
  • 24/7 web based user activation control center.
  • Zoom and Pan tools
  • User Interface theme colors.
  • Unlimited Support.