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midas Civil is one of the top 5 Bridge Design & Analysis Software that combines the ease of modeling with exclusive analysis features, making modeling and designing efficient for engineers. Our engineering software provides handy features for simpler bridges and flexibility to deal with complex geometry – combining all important features of bridge analysis software and bridge design software.

Midas Civil is the most powerful software for analyzing and designing steel, concrete, wood, aluminum and composite structures. Experienced engineers who have a good understanding of the concept of modeling, analysis and design of a structure are well aware of this well-known and professional software. Three years of experience, along with suggestions from engineers working with Midas Civil, have made it the most applicable design and analysis software available in the global marketplace. The toolbars embedded in the graphical user interface make it easy to enter the information needed for modeling, analysis, and design.


What’s new? midas Civil 2024 v1.1

1. Plate Thickness Temperatures
The nonlinear temperatures in the thickness direction of plate elements can be applied for the thermal stress analysis.
Plate Thickness Temperatures function is applicable to a composite girder which has plate elements as a slab and beam elements as a girder

2. Equivalent Beam Stress Results for Construction Stage Analysis
Equivalent beam stresses including VonMises stresses of the steel composite sections are now provided for the construction stage analysis.
SteelI (Type 1), SteelTub (Type1), and SteelBox (Type 1) are available

3. HL93TDM considering 100% combined effect of two tandems as per AASHTO LRFD Vehicle Load
According to C3. AASHTO LRFD 2020, one hundred percent of the combined effect of the two design tandems and the design lane load should be used to investigate negative
and reactions at interior supports.
HL93TDMvehicle load in AASHTO LRFD Load provides the option to consider the combined effect

4. Time Dependent Material as per IRC 112: 2020
The time dependent materials for creep/shrink age and compressive strength as per IRC 112:2020 can be applied

5. Response Spectrum function as per SP 268.1325800.2016
The Response Spectrum function provides the design spectrum as per SP 268.1325800.2016

6. Stress Calculation for Part2 of Composite Section with Cracked Section option
The effect of the cracked section option has change

7. Steel Composite Girder Design as per AS 5100.6: 2017
Steel plate girder and tub/box girder with composite slab can be designed for strength, service, and construct ability based on AS 5100.6: 2017.
The results of the code checks can be viewed graphically,in tables and in a detailed report.

8. RC, Steel, Steel Composite, and PSC Design as per AASHTO LRFD 2020
RC, Steel, Steel Composite, and PSC Design function as per AASHTO LRFD 2020 has been updated.
The design report provides SI and US unit options.
The design report of RC is now generated in Word format, which is faster than text format and enables the user to change the report style with ease.

9. PSC Design as per CSA S6:19
The reinforcement angle 𝛼𝑓 is considered in the Interface Shear Transfer function as per and,CSA S6:19.

10. Steel Composite Design as per CSAS619
Bearing stiffeners can now be designed based on the latest code provisions. Summary report as well as a detailed excel report can be obtained.
Load combinations and fatigue category details for shear stud connectors have been updated to reflect the latest code provisions. Now shear studs are considered in Category S for fatigue.

11. Design of Solid web girder as per IRS SBC:2017
Detailed calculation report as well as a graphical report can now be generated for solid web steel beam sections based on IRS SBC:2017
Design checks for I, C, L and T sections based on stress limits provided in IRS are supported

12. Design Calculation Speed
The multithreading is now applied to the design calculation.
The calculation time has been reduced to around40% (40 mins.> 16 mins.) for a test mode

13. PSC Design as per CSA S6:19
The Environmental Exposure option in PSC Design Parameters function has changed as per,CSA S6:19.
The tensile stress of reinforcing steel is now checked along the environmental exposure class.

14. Other Enhancements
Update Interface with BIM software
Revit 2024 Interface
Tekla 2023 Interface