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Leica CloudWorx for AutoCAD is the most efficient and popular plug-in software for using as-built point cloud data – captured by laser scanners – directly within AutoCAD.

Users take advantage of the familiar AutoCAD interface and tools to shorten the learning curve for working with laser scan data. Users can create accurate 2D and 3D as-builts, check proposed designs against existing conditions, perform critical construction & fabrication QA, and more… all directly within AutoCAD.

In the past, users often struggled with point cloud manipulation when using AutoCAD point cloud plug-ins. CloudWorx overcomes this with its powerful TruSpace viewing window. This intuitive, panoramic viewing window lets users “see” better what the point cloud represents, and acts like a super-control to drive point clouds visualisation in AutoCAD with unprecedented speed.


What’s New

This is a minor release including support for AutoCAD 2022 and a handful of bug fixes. Please refer to the Licensing section for information about CCP requirements.

AutoCAD 2022 Support

CloudWorx for AutoCAD 2021.0.2 support AutoCAD 2019-2022.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could result in the Manage Connection Dialog persisting after opening a Cyclone ENTERPRISE file.
  • Cyclone 2021.1 fixed a bug that resulted in MS60 data loaded as IMP being pixelated. Please ensure you are running the corresponding Cyclone version in order to see the results of this bug fix in CloudWorx.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a CloudWorx project containing a relocated LGS to allow that file to be replaced.
  • Fixed a bug to improve the quality and consistency of orthoimage results.
  • Fixed a bug that caused CloudWorx to consume multiple connectors unnecessarily.

Leica CloudWorx 2021.0.2 Compatibility and Upgrades

Upgrading to Leica CloudWorx 2021.0.2 for AutoCAD from Leica CloudWorx 2020.0.1 for AutoCAD

You must have Administrator-level privileges on your workstation to correctly install Leica CloudWorx software.

If using IMP data, first run the current Cyclone installer if you do not have a version of Cyclone installed. Otherwise/Next run the CloudWorx 2021.0.1 installer and follow the directions to proceed with the installation. Please heed the warning message about compatibility of earlier version databases. We strongly recommend that users not use the “Repair” option when upgrading. Rather, users should select “Remove” when it appears and then run the installer again to install the new version.

Compatibility with Leica CloudWorx 2021.0.2 for AutoCAD AND AutoCAD Versions CloudWorx 2021.0.2 for AutoCAD officially supports Autodesk AutoCAD versions 2019-2022

Compatibility with JetStream Enterprise

CloudWorx 2021.0.2 for AutoCAD is compatible with JetStream Enterprise 1.3 and higher. To access the latest features, it is recommended that users update to the latest release of JetStream Enterprise 2020.

Compatibility with Cyclone ENTERPRISE

CloudWorx 2021.0.2 for AutoCAD is compatible with Cyclone ENTERPRISE 2021.0.0 and higher.

Compatibility with CloudWorx Ultimate

CloudWorx 6.3.1 (or later) for AutoCAD is compatible with the CloudWorx Ultimate License.

Deprecated Features

Leica Geosystems strives to provide support for the widest array of operating systems and file formats possible as is reasonable given current technologies and support from third-party partners.

With each release, we review our list of currently supported formats and operating systems in line with industry trends and announced product terminations.

Leica Geosystems may add or terminate support for a file format during any release. Obsolete operating systems will be supported for six months after their announced termination or the next major software release, whichever comes first. Server products will be supported in alignment with Leica’s Client License Manager (CLM) supported servers to guard users against incompatibility.

Please reference the Leica Geosystems Deprecated Features policy for a complete listing of discontinued features, formats and operating systems.

Known Issues

Installing CLM while the JetStream service is running

During installation of CLM, users may encounter the following error message. This is commonly due to a service like JetStream running in the background.

To enable the successful installation of CLM, please follow these steps:

  • Launch the task manager
  • Select the Services tab
  • Look up the process with the PID (Process ID) shown in the Close applications dialog
  • In this case it is JetStream
  • Terminate the process so that CLM can be installed
  • After CLM is installed, click on the Services button in the Task Manager and restart the service

Modified Usage for Asian Languages

Some actions and dialogs do not execute properly when operating CloudWorx in an Asian language.

Switching the JetStream Enterprise server with a JetStream Enterprise project open

CloudWorx does not support switching JetStream Enterprise servers while a JetStream Enterprise project is open. Upon attempting this action, the user will receive a message which states, “You already have a CloudWorx project open.” Users should close the active project before switching servers.

Equivalent user permissions requirement

When working with IMP data, AutoCAD must be run with the same level of user privileges as Cyclone was originally configured with. Meaning if Cyclone is configured to Run As Administrator, then AutoCAD should be Run As Administrator to connect to Cyclone and open an IMP.

Temporary ModelSpace

When working with IMP data, users may see a temporary ModelSpace created within Cyclone to support rendering in CloudWorx. All ModelSpace views are temporary and will not be permanently added to a project. It is not a requirement that Cyclone be running while using CloudWorx.

LGS usage over network

The use of LGS files is only officially supported when the files are saved locally. Due to variations between network deployments LGS files may be unreliable when hosted in a network location.

RCP Compatibility

Some CloudWorx functions are not compatible with RCP data sources.

  • ScanWorld Explorer
  • Load Max Setting
  • Pure Reference Geometry
  • Silhouette Mode
  • Color Mapping
  • Ortho image
  • Align to Model
  • TruSpace
  • SmartPick